Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Break In

Maximoff is dead, her secrets will live

With Maximoff dead or missing following the botched investigation in Brooklyn, Delta Green holds a remembrance of the once valued leader of Cell M. Claiming Maximoff is being treated for hysteria, Anthony Moltasanti plans DG’s next move not that he’s been placed in control of Cell M. He calls in Frank Harris to prepare to investigate Maximoff’s secrets and look into some of what she knows from the fall of Germany that she did not disclose to the agency. To help, he dispatches Delta Green Agent Anna Silvo and gives Frank access to two unwilling recruits, Stan Hewitt and Max Taggart.

Harris leads a stakeout of Maximoff’s home and after a few hours of surveillance, the team breaks into her residence. While dodging booby traps, Harris finds a stash of bank statements pointing to a deposit box Maximoff held at the Bank of New York branch in Red Hook New York. While investigating the house, the team also finds evidence of Maximoff’s deterioriating state of mind. Much of the house seems to have been recently emptied and her bedroom is filled to the brim with her garbled, seeming unintelligible paranoias about The Karotechia and other threats. Hewitt also encounters a disturbing phenomenon in Maximoff’s basement, giving him what may have been a vision of a dark haired woman in bright red heels in the middle of an old USO show.

The Investigators, however, quickly realize they’re not alone in holding an interest in Maximoff’s secrets. Taggart encounters a pair of suspicious German milkmen who were also casing the house. The men speed away and Silvo reveals that a woman was also there. With information about the safety deposit box in their heads, the team heads to Red Hook, all the while trying to lay low from the still suspicious NYPD.

The group rents a room and begins to stake out the bank after encountering a strange film in a DG Greenbox. Hewitt and Harris head to the bank, meeting with bank associates and having a random encounter with The Man. The Man claims to know about Maximoff’s disappearance as well as DG’s opinion on Harris’ sanity. He offers Harris his help in liberating Maximoff’s safe deposit box for a price but Harris again rejects the stranger’s help. The Man leaves but not before giving Harris a literal “Get Out of Jail Free” Card.



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