Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Break In Part 2

Shadows form

The Investigators begin to explore options for the break in. Stan Hewitt and Delta Green Agent Anna Silvo attempt to get uniforms matching the security guards.’ Frank Harris and Max Taggart begin to set up surveillance of the bank, establishing the business’ hours. The pair even enter the bank on Saturday to take a look at the internal workings of the shift.

The group sets up shop at a bar across the street but are unable to figure out the next steps. They decide to start making larger preparations. Hewitt and Harris decide to head to the libraries and police stations in order to look at criminal records related to the bank and Silvo and Taggart head into Manhattan in order to procure heavy equipment. Silvo and Taggart procure sledgehammers, bolt cutters, drills, and dynamite from the back door of a supplier. Meanwhile, Hewitt and Harris are able to pull information on the bank’s transportation operation which they contract through Steel Secure Transport. At the Brooklyn 103’rds precinct, they pull files on several attempted armed robberies of the truck. They find information on Luke D’Argino and Ralphie Maccano attempted to rob the truck in ‘48 and Dill O’Doule and Bryan Marts attempted to rob the truck in ’51.

The Investigators decide to stash Taggart’s cash of gear at the greenbox in the harbor. On the way there, Taggart notices that the car has picked up a tail and he thinks it might be the German from outside of Maximoff’s house. The group eventually believes they lost the pursuers and stash the goods at the box.

Hewitt decides the team needs to get in contact with one of the other people who attempted to rob Steel Secure. Since D’Argio and Maccano were both minors at the time of their attempted robbery, they’re unable to be found in the phone book. Hewitt settles on tracking Marts, who’s living in a second story walk-up above a harbor bar. Hewitt attempts to make a deal with Marts, offering him $1,000 to be involved with a new robbery. Without being able to provide details of the plan, Marts tries to blackmail him and takes a $500 retainer before telling Hewitt he’ll consider the offer. Hewitt leaves but, head swimming in booze and adrenaline, isn’t pleased and breaks into Marts’ apartment and pistol whips him.

Bleeding and on the edge of consciousness, Marts fires a bullet clear through Hewitt’s shoulder, alerting the bar downstairs. The investigators rush a slightly wounded Hewitt into the car and flee the scene, the sound of police cars close behind.



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