Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Break In Part 3

Lines are tested

The Investigators elude the police and eventually decide to try to make contact with one of the other attempted robbers, Sean Giallian. The group makes contact and promises him $1,000 to tell them his information about the bank. He informs them primarily about the delivery schedules and timing in the basement and how it applies to work upstairs.

One night, Stan Hewitt goes to the bank and climbs the fire-escape of the nearby apartment complex to see what view is available. Atop the building, he finds a sniper rifle from the war, as well as a German knife, a tent and a host of survival supplies. He concludes someone, possibly one of the Germans, has been observing the bank from the roof for the last few days.

It takes a few days for the team to come up with a potential plan to attack the bank. The next morning, Stan Hewitt hears a crash near the bank and finds a car with a resuscitated corpse inside. Stan passes out and Max Taggart notes that someone was watching over the crash from the roof of the apartment building across the street. He alerts the police who are unable to find anyone on the roof. Stan comes to and the group comes to believe the Germans are moving quicker on their plans targeting the bank. Frank Harris calls ATF Investigator Anthony Moltasanti who tells him to prepare for action as soon as possible. The Investigators decide to finalize plans and beat the Germans to the bank deposit box.



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