Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Manifest Destiny Part 1

A potential UFO and a kidnapping hit an Appalachian town

In the wake of the Graves killing, Delta Green reaches out to both Liev Sokolov and Frank Harris in different ways. A package containing a tome, Invocations of Dagon, ends up at the Harris’ apartment, seemingly a gift from FBI Special Agent Kristina Maximoff. Meanwhile, Maximoff speaks with the arrested Sokolov in the Essex County jail to offer the former lawyer a deal. Maximoff has found a patsy to take the fall for Graves’ death but, in exchange, Sokolov will become indentured to Delta Green, less as an agent or friendly but as a constant resource for the organization, even if he’s not willing. Sokolov reluctantly takes the deal and is released from jail, unsure of what to do next with his life.

While Sokolov hopes to start a private investigation firm, Maximoff calls Harris with a mission. Mysterious lights and seismic activity have been reported in Carrolton Township, Virginia. The reports match with reported UFO sightings and Maximoff wants to investigate and use Harris’ knowledge of alien activity in Delta Green’s work. She orders Sokolov to assist in the case where the pair will meet with Cell M in Carrolton.

After a drive through the storm and one near accident, Sokolov and Harris arrive in Carrrolton and meet with the remaining members of Cell M, the violent and impulsive ATF Investigator Anthony Moltasanti and the tortured engineering genius Navy Special Advisor Doug Morrison. Upon arriving in town, the team explores the local Szeitfert mansion, where the investigators find the family missing. Sokolov believes the family has been kidnapped. Maximoff recommends the team set up at the mansion and use it as a base of operations while they investigate the happenings in Carrolton.

The investigators split up, hoping to investigate both the kidnapping and the UFO sighting. While Maximoff, Moltasanti and Sokolov head north to Black’s Hill and the Wentworth home, Morrison and Harris investigate the UFO, looking for what residents have seen. Maximoff’s team stops by the electric substation, where Sokolov and Moltasanti realize that someone has cut the power to town. Moltasanti refuses to tell Sokolov about how he got involved with Delta Green. Meanwhile, Harris and Morrison speak with a few local residents about the UFO sightings. The bartender, Oren Schuster, says he doesn’t know anything about the UFOs but recommends the pair look for the Kauflin sisters at the First Lutheran Church. The pair find the sisters, who talk about how they believe they saw Cody Wentworth’s truck near the Szeitfert house before the family disappeared. Barbara and Mary also remember the flashing lights and light earthquakes that accompanied the rise of the winter storms.

Harris and Morrison leave the church and Morrison reveals his dissatisfaction with being Maximoff’s puppet. The pair hook up with Maximoff’s team and eventually go to repair the electric substation, restoring power to the town. Maximoff, Moltasanti and Sokolov proceed to the Wentworth house but Sokolov breaks off from the group to help the two lost Schuster kids. When he returns, he finds both teams observing the Wentworth mansion. Maximoff recommends the team observe the mansion but as the winter storms get worse and night falls, Maximoff doesn’t know how much more the team can do. Sokolov recommends Maximoff watch the house while Morrison and Moltasanti search the family’s farm land. He plans to go with Harris into the woods west and north of the Wentworth house.

As Sokolov and Harris try to move into the woods, Sokolov falls in the snow, alerting Cody Wentworth. Maximoff tries to calm down the impressionable young man but he threatens the team to get off his family’s property or he’ll shoot. Maximoff, worried about the danger the team is now in, recommends that the investigation speed up and try to locate the Szeitferts and figure out just what the hell is happening in Carrolton.


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