Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Manifest Destiny Part 2

The face of the real enemy appears

Liev Sokolov and Frank Harris head North of the Wentworth home, rushing into the woods in search of the terror that has infected Carrollton. There, they find a bloody totem, some sort of religious icon of unknown make and culture. The spire has been used as a sacrificial rod for the bodies of the Szeitfert clan. As the pair examine the grounds around the totem, they find automobile tracks around the area as well as disturbances in the trees. Something has been here but the pair’s investigation is cut short when they hear gunshots.

Sokolov rushes ahead to find Anthony Moltasanti has been shot by one of the Wentworth boys. Sokolov is able to use his medical training to staunch the bleeding and save Moltasanti’s life. Still struggling with his injuries in his first investigation, Harris hears voices in the trees. Turning to the skies and following the voices, he spots a pair of vaguely fleshy insects, floating in the snowy black sky. He’s able to shake off his horror and flees, helping Kristina Maximoff and Doug Morrison move Moltasanti’s body back to the Szeitfert’s mansion.

The next morning, Maximoff recommends that hte group continue to rush the pair’s investigation. WIth Moltasanti injured, Maximoff and Harris continue to investigate any further disappearances in the town after the Szeitfert’s body was discovered. Morrison and Sokolov promise to examine the totem but Sokolov goes to the Wentworth mansion first to see what the family knows. With a nervous Morrison in tow, he tries to negotiate with Cody and Sammuel. He spots their blind sister, Emma, but both seem wary of letting any Feds into the house. Cody accidentally states that his father has gone missing, which sends Sokolov off again. After the pair fire a warning shot, Sokolov and Morrison leave and go to the totem.

There, a new body has been impaled and his blood continues to drip down the spire. Morrison doesn’t know much about the origin of the totem or its geological makeup and is terrified of what’s taken place there. Maximoff and Harris speak with Oren Schuster at the bar, who states that he’s looking for one of his regulars, Darrel Vanderheidt, the town drunk. After speaking with his wife, Emily, Harris believes Darrel is also an abuser and may have just passed out somewhere.

After examining the totem, Sokolov and Morrison proceed East and spot a structure in the distance on Black’s Hill. Sokolov wants to investigate. The pair make their way over and Sokolov continues to spot movement at the edges of his vision. Something is here and the sound of metal on stone indicates that some sort of drilling may be taking place on the hill. The pair instead focus on a metalline structure, seemingly newly set up. Morrison stands outside guarding while Sokolov enters the place.

The dark structure is cold, linear and brutally claustrophobic. Sokolov utimately finds a small room filled with tubes and speakers and a brain stuck in a brine filled crystal jar. The brain, hooked to the room’s speakers, addresses Sokolov and warns him of the horrors he’s experienced. The brain once belonged to Bryan Wentworth, Cody and Samuel’s disappeared father, and he’s horrified by the inhuman monstrosities who’ve tortured him. He warns that the end is coming and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.


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