Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Manifest Destiny Part 3

Fire purges an alien invasion

In an ill fated attempt to destroy the head in the jar, Liev Sokolov attracts the attention of the bugs. With his legs destroyed by an early deployed hand grenade, he’s picked up and taken to the pillar. He’s able to hold off the bugs for a few moments with a pair of bullets but is electrocuted and dies before being suspended on the spire.

Kristina Maximoff and Frank Harris go back to the spire, looking for Doug Morrison and Sokolov. However, they end up bearing witness to the bugs sacrificing the still smoldering corpse of Sokolov. After waiting for the beings to leave, Maximoff recommends destroying the bugs’ operation. She goes in search of Morrison and leaves Harris to destroy the spire. After going back to the Szeitfert mansion for supplies, Harris fashions an impromptu wired explosive and destroys the spire, fleeing quickly enough as to not be caught by the spire.

Making his way back to the bugs’ mining site, Harris finds Maximoff helping an injured Morrison. She recommends trying to blow the mining operation, trapping as many of the bugs inside the shaft as possible. Trying his luck again, Harris makes a second bomb and detonates the mine shaft. The group flee back to the Szeitfert mansion, hoping to get away from Carrollton as soon as possible.



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