Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Memento Mori Part 1

A mysterious kill could lead to a mob civil war

On February 2, Frank Harris gets a call from FBI Special Agent Kristina Maximoff who orders him to come to the Hotel Bossert in Brooklyn. He begins packing. In Brooklyn, Maximoff posts bail for ex-conMichael Saint and orders him to help with a Delta Green operation in exchange for a clean slate, a break from being another potential hired gun. He reluctantly agrees but forces Maximoff to promise that she can clear his name.

Harris arrives at the hotel and meets with Saint and hired Pinkerton gumshoe Vic Saxon before meeting up with Maximoff, ATF Investigator Anthony Moltasanti and Navy Special Advisor Doug Morrison. Maximoff hands over the investigation to Moltasanti with his experience in mafia investigations.

Moltasanti reveals that Delta Green has been tasked with investigating the disappearance of Mob boss Salvatore Lucano. Moltasanti believes Lucano’s disappearance reeks of supernatural or paranormal activity and may not be a simple mob hit and wants Cell M to investigate the disappearance before ATF or the FBI take over the case when violence inevitably erupts.

Moltasanti explains the case and states that Maximoff has called in help from “the nerds,” a cell of researchers, fact checkers, and log listeners to assist in the investigation. The group breaks into teams and Moltasanti and Harris head to Lucano’s apartment to investigate the crime scene. Moltasanti asks how Harris is dealing with the death of Liev Sokolov after he was killed in Carrollton and expresses his grief to be unable to pay back the man who saved his life.

Harris and Moltasanti investigate the appartment and initially find nothing. It appears as if the windows and doors were all locked at the time of Lucano’s disappearance and all evidence points to the boss being ready for a possible attack, as the appartment is filled with weapons. Harris does notice that a shower rod has recently been knocked down in the tub, a bullet hole in the outside porcelain and some subtle staining to the interior porcelain which may have been caused by blood.

Saint and Saxon decide to speak with Eva Krupnick, the last woman to see Lucano. They talk their way into her tiny Crown Street apartment and harass her about Lucano’s disappearance. Krupnick is suspicious of the two and continuously ask their names and how they know Christopher Burrelli but neither Saxon or Saint reveal much of their identity. They leave, only learning that Krupnick left the apartment to buy a pack of cigarettes before finding Lucano gone. Saint says he believes that by shaking down Krupnick, they may be able to find out what the mob thinks of her story and gain more information by staking out her place. The pair, however, move on to Lucano’s apartment.

The investigators discuss their findings and Saint and Harris speak with the building’s super about what he may have seen or not seen on February 2. He reveals little but does let them check the apartment above Lucano’s and the basement but they find little. Saxon also reexamines Lucano’s apartment before Saint and Saxon go to the local bodega to see if Krupnick’s alibi checks out. The store owner remembers a girl fitting her description on the day of the disappearance.

Harris, Saxon and Saint decide to investigate Delta Green’s greenbox on the coast but first Saxon makes a cryptic call to Maximoff, stating that he’s willing to help infiltrate the Lucano family if the organization can flip one of the main guys. Maximoff seems to understand what is in play and agrees to it but makes sure that she has plausible deniability. The three finally make it to the greenbox and find a variety of firearms, several literally translated side-by-side bibles and a chalkboard filled with mathematical formulas. The group decides to check in with Delta Green and Saint decides to pick up one of Lucano’s guns from the safehouse.



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