Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Memento Mori Part 2

A stranger returns, lies double back on themselves, the other arrives

Michael Saint and Vic Saxon both investigate Eva Krupnick but are outsmarted by Christopher Burrelli, who calls the cops and then meets with Saxon. Burrelli wants information on the Federal investigation into Salvatore Lucano. Saint agrees to help.

Frank Harris investigates Sal Lucano’s criminal empire and finds several charges, including one leading back to a mysterious social group led by one Madame A, who disappeared in the late ‘40s. Harris investigates and finds one Dr. Otto Schmidt who owns a home on Long Island. When investigating, Harris runs into The Man, who is buying the home. The Man knows about Delta Green’s investigation into Lucano’s death and warns Harris of the implications of following up on the investigation and what he may find.

Returning to Manhattan, Harris tells FBI Special Agent Kristina Maximoff about encountering The Man and she orders the agents to find the stranger and bring him in for questioning, although Saxon believes Maximoff wants The Man dead or tortured for unknown means.

Meeting Burrelli on the shore, Saint is intimidated and threatened by the gangster and his underboss who take his gun. Burrelli wants the promised information about the investigation and Saint doesn’t have an answer for him. Burrelli, appearing wildly unhinged, threatens Saint to find information by 6 p.m. that night. Desperate, Saint and Saxon work on fabricating identification before giving up as Saxon prepares to wing his interaction with Burrelli and potentially bring him in.

As Harris prepares to investigate deeper into Sal Lucano and the families criminal holdings, Saint debates with Maximoff about the way to play Burrelli as the clock ticks down and Maximoff doubts his ability to play the killer. Meanwhile, Saxon decides to return to the Long Island home, looking for The Man.

He finds much more. The house has been emptied but something is stalking him and he finds evidence that occult activity may have happened at the home. He goes to the guest house, the only place that hasn’t been cleared but is ambushed by a young blonde woman in a leather jacket. She speaks cryptically as she holds Saxon at gunpoint and as he tries to stop her, she shouts “Approach not me and what I will is fate.” Feeling more eyes on him and needing to escape, Saxon runs as the woman’s shot misses. As he flees the room, Saxon has trouble breathing and falls to the ground, suffocating. As his vision fades, he looks up and sees the woman’s face and an otherworldly presence with hollow eyes stares back before they both wink out of existence. Saxon passes out as his world begins to break.



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