Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Memento Mori Part 3

Death walks

Looking to connect the dots Frank Harris, Michael Saint and Vic Saxon being aggressively investigating Burrelli’s connection the disappearances. That aggression forces Saxon to accelerate his timeline in working to go undercover with Christopher Burrelli and Furio Alpharenzi. That action leaves him taken by the gangsters with Saint suffering from a bullet wound.

With the help of Anna Silvo, Saint recovers from his injury and prepare to go back up against Burrelli. DG wants to extract Saxon quickly before he is interrogated but they don’t realize the desperation of the scenario. A mysterious individual, identified as Mr. Handlen, interrogates Saxon, claiming to be from an organization known as “The Fate,” a turn of the century occult society that he claims has been resurrected. During the interrogation, Saxon begins to go insane and appears to have his mind switched out of his body and placed inside of Burrelli’s body while Burrelli’s mind is placed inside his body.

Saint and Kristina Maximoff attempt to execute one final attempt at bringing Salvatore Lucano’s killer to justice and investigate Tony Moltani. During the investigation, Saint continuously feels as if he’s being watched and Maximoff suddenly disappears. Nervous and losing his grasp on reality, Saint executes Moltani and flees with Silvo, attempting to reach a meet with Hansen and Burrelli.

The meeting becomes a bloodbath with Burrelli, Saxon, Saint, Furio and three Lucano gangsters killed in the crossfire. A blood-soaked Harris escapes the warehouse with Silvo and prepares to leave New York with fewer answers than when the investigation began, knowing that the mysterious Handlen is also on the loose.



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