Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Bad Dose Part 1

One hit sends a wealthy student from campus

After a call from Max Thomas Frank Harris is sent on the case of the missing Dick Graves Graves disappeared after taking part in a government sanctioned test of the chemical, Lysergic acid diethylamide. Miskatonic University Professor Alton Goechner PhD, who ran and sacntioned the tests, gives Harris much of the information on the tests and referred him to his assistant Terrance Weatherman.

Weatherman was a friend of Graves and gave Harris a transcript of the final interview with Graves before his disappearance, taken shortly before his disappearance. Graves was terrified by what he believed to be a sort of green, spectral being, which he described as a dog.

Meanwhile, Liev Sokolov bought the newly wounded Harris a cane from a local store and left it in his friend’s apartment before talking to FBI Special Agent Kristina Maximoff, who told him about Harris’ investigation in Arkham. Sokolov blew off Maximoff’s warning about the investigation and the potential for Delta Green’s involvement in Graves’ disappearance. Curious, Sokolov headed to Arkham to join the investigation into Graves’ disappearance.

Teaming up with Harris again, the two talked to Weatherman a second time to find more information about Graves before investigating his dorm room. There, they found a series of items, a variety of pop culture artifacts and a book about deciphering the teachings of Alister Crowley, engraved with a pentagram.

The pair also went on to meet Dot Hanson, Graves girlfriend who had spoken with the young man shortly before his disappearance. She believed her boyfriend was worried about being pursued by something he’d seen during the test. She didn’t know where he’d gone but knew he had family in Lowell and had been interested in the deaths which had occurred years earlier in Dunwich.

After considering making the drive out to Dunwich to look for Graves, Sokolov and Harris returned to Boston, planning to take back up the search the next morning. After going through his notes, Harris fell asleep. Sokolov, studying the book found in Graves’ apartment, fell asleep in his chair only to be awoken in the middle of the night by a pair of hot canine breaths on his back. Spinning to look for the hunter, Sokolov found himself alone in his home and terrified of what was coming.


JackPollockesque JackPollockesque

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