Call of Cthulhu: Red, White and Blacker than Black

Break In Part 4

Chaos reigns in a mid day heist

The Investigators finally decide to make their move on the Red Hook branch of the Bank of New York. Stan Hewitt, Max Taggart, and Frank Harris make their move on the bank. Bringing Sean Giallian with them and leaving Delta Green Agent Anna Silvo in the car as a getaway driver, the heist begins. Max enters first, claiming to investigate his box. A gun is taken from him as he enters the bank but he still makes a play in the vault, knocking out the bank manager and brawling with a security guard, taking a bullet to the shoulder for his efforts but still able to liberate the box.

While Max fights in the vault, the rest of the group holds up the bank for as long as possible. After a few minutes, they hear several rounds of gunfire and a German man enters the bank. He prepares to draw a gun on Frank but Frank shoots him dead before he can draw. Stan goes into the vaults and brings Max and the box out and the group prepares to exit the bank.

Stan kicks out the door and they’re immediately held down by suppressive fire from the sniper’s nest atop the apartment building. Desperate to escape, the investigators let the hostages go and attempt to blend in with them as they leave. The firing stops and as the group reaches the getaway car, they see that Silvo has been shot dead. They attempt to pull her out of the car and immediately receive attention from the entrenched shooter, who opens fire on them. Stan tries to suppress the shooter and the Investigators make their escape.

The investigators leave the getaway car in a hotel lot and strip the plates before stealing another car. They drop off Sean and pay him $1,000 before returning to the boarding house. There, they are taken hostage by the Kartechia agents who’ve been after them. A female agent asks them for the box and holds Frank and Stan at gunpoint. Max promises to get them something from the car and brawls with one of the German agents. Taking advantage of the female agents divided attention, Stan leaps on her, beats her unconscious and steals her gun. Frank takes a shotgun, heads downstairs and kills the agent Max is fighting. Stan executes the female agent and the investigators flee Red Hook with the police in hot pursuit.

The investigators stop at a motel in Eastern Pennsylvania for the night and investigate Maximoff’s records, including ledes in a variety of locations. They are most interested in an estate Maximoff was meant to be the executor of in Arkham. The investigators return to Washington DC and return all of the items in the box, excluding Maximoff’s diaries, to ATF Investigator Anthony Moltasanti. Frank also accepts an offer from Moltasanti to formally join Delta Green Cell M but he secretly conspires to investigate the Arkham estate before accepting a mission. The investigators board a train to Boston with plans to drive to Arkham.


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